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Bioavailability: Restore Balance to Essential Systems by Using the Best CBD Products

Daily I meet people who have questions about using CBD oil, the most common problem being how does CBD work? They want to know which product is the best. They want to understand how to use CBD products effectively. And, most of the time, they are trying to figure out how to treat medical symptoms without causing any added stress to an already stressed-out body.

Odds are, you have the same questions. You’ve spent time surfing the wide web in search of blogs and forums that hold the answers you are in search of, am I right?

Here’s a fun way to show you what I am talking about. Go to your favorite cannabidiol or hemp forum and ask what CBD product has the highest bioavailability rate?

What will you find? A lot of conflicting statements from a lot of different people. Some will tell you that vaping CBD isolate has the best absorption rate, and others will tell you that using a CBD tincture sublingually has the highest level of bioavailability.

So, now what? Now, you’re stuck there having to sort the good from the bad (and sometimes downright unpleasant).

It is for reasons like these I created this brief list of questions about CBD, which method has the best absorption rate, and what products have the highest level of bioavailability.

I want you to have the best advice from a source that took the time to do some digging and unearthed the actual facts regarding the top questions on cannabinoids and bioavailability.


Why is the Bioavailability of CBD Important to Understand?

Bioavailability is the key buzzword in the holistic health and natural supplements industry- CBD included. Absorption and bioenhancement are close seconds. The words may sound confusing, but their meaning is quite simple.

Bioavailability means the amount of a compound (mineral, cannabinoid, vitamin) your body actually absorbs. Basically, the age-old saying should be you are what your body can absorb.

The method you choose to consume CBD along with your dose size and other ingredients play a role in how effectively your body will absorb the beneficial cannabinoids.


Can CBD Oil Be Absorbed Through the Skin?

When CBD is used directly on the skin, it doesn’t breach the blood-brain barrier and cannot penetrate the bloodstream. However, CBD topical products are effective at treating local (meaning, only this area) symptoms and conditions that trigger a response from nearby CB1 and CB2 receptors found in skin cells.

The American Academy of Dermatology issued a report on how cannabinoids like CBD are very beneficial for both skin conditions as well as beauty products.


Do CBD Sublingual Products Have the Best Bioavailability?

On a scale of zero to one-hundred percent, a CBD tincture used sublingually (under the tongue) has a bioavailability rate of around 35%. Using CBD orally is a popular method for many reasons aside from its absorption level.

A CBD oil-based tincture is discrete, portable, accurate, and makes dosing easy, and aside from suppositories or vaporizing, using one has the best level of bioavailability. CBD oils and tinctures bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream directly through oral mucous membranes in your mouth.

What is Absorption Rate of Transdermal CBD Products?

Transdermal  means “ through the skin.” Transdermal CBD products have the highest bioavailability percentage because when you apply a medicated gel or patch, that medicine is delivered straight to your bloodstream, altogether bypassing the digestive tract, kidneys, and liver.

You can feel the effects begin within minutes and they can last up to several hours. Patches are different than lotions and other CBD skin products because they can penetrate all seven layers of skin.


How Do I Increase CBD Bioavailability Rate?

Tip: Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are fat-loving molecules, incorporating high-fats (say, coconut oil?) with your CBD intake is a great way to boost your absorption rate.

Better Tip: Use an oil-based CBD sublingually daily, or find a high-quality CBD isolate concentrate and get yourself a vape pen.

The Best Tip: Use higher absorbing nano-amplified CBD products that maximize the benefits of CBD through smaller particle sizes that increase standard absorption rates from 35% to 80-90% absorption which means quicker digestion and less wasted CBD.

The Verdict

Finally, now you know the truth about bioavailability levels in CBD products, which method has the most promising absorption rate, and how a few extra tips on how you can help your body absorb beneficial cannabinoids.

Remember, CBD enhances our ECS, which in turn is the bridge between the mind and the body. Stay balanced!