CannaTru is transforming the CBD industry, pushing the boundaries of possibility to create Premium Nano-Emulsified CBD products with this extraordinary medicinal plant.

CannaTru CBD is extracted using USDA Organic sourced Industrial Hemp grown in Kentucky and processed through a Supercritical Co2 Extraction System. We then add an extra step into our extraction process to speed the delivery to the consumer's bloodstream. Here's how it works:

We surround the CBD compounds with a coating of microscopic balls of fat. These nanoballs are liposomes built of phospholipids, the same elements you'll find in cell membranes. The liposomes act like ball bearings slipping the CBD benefits into your blood system more quickly and potently. 


Researchers claim the absorption rate of our Nano-liposomal delivery is close to 100 percent as it speeds past the digestive and gastrointestinal processes to deliver its bioavailability immediately leaving no CBD wasted.